recognizes that the composition of our products offer a unique opportunity to focus on the global environment. It's our goal and corporate responsibility to promote both the reusability and recycling ability of all of our products. Our direction in recent years has been to design more bags with extended life that keep the promotional messages they carry working longer and out of refuse cans and landfills.

This year we have added environmentally-friendly paper bags that are made from 100% recycled material and plastic bags that are made from up to 40% recycled material and up to 20% of a non-petroleum calcium filler which reduces the use of petroleum based resins by as much as 60%. Our 100% recyclable and reusable non-woven bags are also made from recycled material that offer an excellent extended life comparable to similar woven bags like nylon or canvas. The non-woven material is non- allergenic, non-toxic and non- corrosive, making it safe for people and the environment. Yet it does not end there. We will continue to explore eco-friendly product options to help protect our environment.

As a company we are committed to offering environmentally responsible products and protecting the health and safety of our global community. We also believe in doing what we can to reduce the amount of waste our company generates that has a negative influence on our environment.

  • All of the recyclable scrap bags generated at our facility from the printing process are recycled by our local recycling service and our plastic bag sources.
  • Our imprinting waste byproducts are recycled into alternative fuel energy sources, further eliminating their disposal into landfills.
  • We reuse most raw material cartons and packaging received to reduce the amount of new corrugated material that is required.
  • We have implemented a company-wide recycling program to reclaim the everyday materials we use in our business (paper, bottles, aluminum, etc.) that has also significantly reduced the amount of waste going into the landfill.
  • We have implemented energy-conserving lighting within our warehouse facility that is motion activated and only operates when personnel are working in the area.

We want to be a good steward to our environment and the community where we live as well as being a supplier you can count on for earth-friendly products. In addition to the eco-friendly bags we carry in stock we can also source even more diverse products made from a wide selection of materials, including resources such as corn resin or banana leaves. There is no end to the array of products we can over to help you achieve favorable results with your next earth-friendly project. It is not only our responsibility, but our pleasure to serve the 6.7 billion people that we share this earth with.

All bags sold by can be reused and many can be recycled where collection facilities exist.

Collection facilities determine what products they will accept and which methods of recycling they will follow and can vary by geographic regions. Check your local government recycling laws and facilities for applicability.

Please note that recycling programs for these bags may not exist in your area. The presence of a recycling symbol also does not necessarily mean that the product or material will be accepted locally. Conversely, products that have no recycling classification symbol present can still be recycled and will be sorted as applicable by the responsible collection facility. In all cases, the best information can be obtained directly from the collection and recycling facility in your area.